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Explore Johnson County Trails

Greenwood Indiana Trails

Photo Provided by City of Greenwood, Indiana

Promoting Connectivity Within Our Community

Welcome to Explore Johnson County Trails, an initiative of Aspire Johnson County that began as a Leadership Johnson County team project. 

Multi-modal transportation has become more than a buzz-phrase. It is now an integral piece of connectivity. 

The creation of every mile of new trail means a child has a safe place to ride his or her bike, a family can walk together creating bonds and memories, a business can offer their employees a mental health break from the job and residents can feel the side effects of a healthy walking habit. 

Aspire Johnson County has created a Trails Team made up of local business and health stakeholders and volunteers to lead the walking and biking trails movement throughout our community.

Johnson County Indiana Trails

The Trails Team Mission

The Johnson County Trails team is committed to creating a comprehensive Trails Plan which will encourage the development and use of pedestrian/bicycle trails within and between the county's many cities, towns and destinations. The Trails Plan will:

  • Incorporate the established trails plans of the cities of Greenwood and Franklin.

  • Support new trails for the county's smaller municipalities.

  • Identify opportunities and means for connectivity between cities, towns and destinations within the county.

Benefits of a County Trail System


A comprehensive, county-wide trails system will make the county's cities, towns and landmarks more connected and more accessible by more means of travel.


A comprehensive trails system will provide new opportunities for healthy, positive family time; new educational activities for our county's youth and schools; and new ways to gather and celebrate community events.


An accessible, county-wide trails system will increase opportunities for exercise and recreation for all county residents and will lower the county's near-total dependence on the automobile.


With a plan in place to prioritize, choose and delineate locations for trails, sidewalks, bike lanes, and connector junctions, the county be able to safely accommodate existing and future pedestrians and bicyclists.


A comprehensive trails system will make the county more attractive to potential residents and businesses, as homebuyers increasingly are adding trails to their must-have list, and many businesses intentionally seek out communities that are walkable and bikeable.

Franklin Indiana Trails

Franklin's Greenway Trails

Greenwood Indiana Trails System

Greenwood's Tracy Trail

Current Trail System

This useful, dynamic and accurate map of trails through Johnson County, Indiana uses ArcGIS technology and is updated by local government entities. For a more detailed map, scroll along the key and select a community trail name.

Download Maps

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Franklin Trails

Greenwood Trails

Johnson County Trails

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Franklin Trails

Greenwood Trails

Johnson County Trails

Trafalgar Branch Library’s Prairie Trail

Image of Greenwood Trails

Project Funding: $100,000 Goal

Revenue Development for the Trails Plan began in earnest with the Rock the Block Run in 2018, when Aspire Johnson County was awarded $2,500. The Aspire Johnson County Trails Team has applied for other grants and financial support and developed partnerships with the Johnson County Development Corporation; Health By Design, Inc.; the Indiana State Department of Health; Johnson County Purdue Extension; and additional organizations representing the public, non-profit and private sectors.

Aspire Johnson County has set an initial goal of approximately $100,000 for completion of a comprehensive Johnson County Trails Plan. The plan will provide the guidance of pursuing funds for implementation. 

For more information about supporting the project, please email Dana Monson, Johnson County Development Corporation, or call 317.736.4300. 

About Aspire Johnson County

Aspire Johnson County, a community development program of the Johnson County Development Corporation, has a mission to make Johnson County a destination to live, work, learn and play. 

Established in 2013, this program has identified several key areas of community need - including tourism, workforce development and sustained growth. 

A need for a county-wide trail system has been identified as a major opportunity for the quality of life for our residents. It also is an important community asset for companies seeking a new location for their business.