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ACT Work Ready Community

Program Aligns Workers With Needed Skills

Led by our Aspire program, Johnson County, Indiana is a participating Work Ready Community and is actively engaged in earning a certified status.

ACT Work Ready Community is a national framework to build community-based eco-systems to link, align and match America's workforce to jobs in demand right now. The program uses what is called the ACT Workkeys and National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) to help match workers' skills to jobs.


For Employers 

The program helps reduce hiring costs, improves retention, increases hiring effectiveness and helps them seek better applicants within the community in which they are located.

For Prospective Employees

Getting the certification helps them to find a job that matches their skill set which means they are more likely to keep that job because it aligns with what they can actually do.

For Educators 

The NCRC program and test prepares students for workplace success, helps to close the skills gap, certifies them and their skills and helps industries recognize their unique abilities.

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